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Too Many Names

Vietnam Memorial Washington, DC

-17 °C

They say that there's 58,256 names on this retaining wall. It stretches for about 246 feet and at it's highest point is about 10 feet high. It's staggering how many names are etched into it in tiny print. They start in 1959 and they go until 1968. Each wall has a panel number and a letter assigned to it. Veterans were walking around with directories that visitors could use to check up loved ones. So much sadness to witness.
Harder still to understand how lessons learned 30 years ago can't be translated to present day history.

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Texas State Capital Austin, Texas

sunny 30 °C

People have told me that this is smaller than the Nation's capital in DC but the sheer beauty of this building is amazing. I'm thinking I'm going to like living here. When it's lit up in the sky it's truly breathtaking. There's another tower here called the Frost Bank Building. I'm really starting to like the Austin skyline. And the people here are so incredibly friendly! Of course, I'm going to have to do some more work on trying to learn the language and stop talking like a "Yankee".
I took a trek this past weekend and visited some of the sights including the State Capital and Mount Bonnell. I had to climb a couple of hundred steps or so to make it the top but when I did it was worth it because I got to see clear across the entire city and the Colorado River along with Lake Travis. And the weather! It's absolutely beautiful. Sunshine and smiles all day long. Now if only I didn't have to work so many of those daytime hours...
Will keep ya'll posted!

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